Welcome to Crock of Love.

Good old fashioned home cooking with a twist!

Our meals are left on your kitchen counter in your home to cook in my slow cooker. You come home and eat. It is that simple.

We deliver and prepare Cincinnati’s finest foods Mondays and Wednesdays. With Crock of Love, every dish is made from scratch using only the freshest, finest ingredients and whenever possible we shop local. We serve only the choicest meats and seafood, vegetables fresh from the farm, and breads and pastries that are baked fresh daily. Our fun and tasty menu makes Crock of Love a simple, affordable and delish alternative to cooking yourself or dining out.

The cost of Crock of Love is less than the average family spends on groceries. The dishes are not what you would typically expect from a slow cooker. All meals come with entree, all sides and condiments. Sometimes we leave you little treats like cookies, cheesecake or tarts.

We do the planning, shopping, delivery and cooking

You sit down and enjoy!


How does it work?

I bring you a Crock Pot, pick up a key for your house and get a check or cash from you for the month. Then on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for 8 consecutive deliveries I come by with a main dish (I put in the pot) and side dishes that go in the fridge. When you get home you look at the directions sheet on the counter and assemble the dish. Usually that means you heat up the sides in the microwave etc.

How much does it cost?

The price is around $350 for 8 dinner deliveries and varies depending your location. It is usually enough for 3 to 4 servings depending on how much you eat. Most of the dishes freeze well and can then just be popped in the freezer for some Sunday afternoon you don’t feel like cooking. Then you can just put it in the microwave and it is as good as day one. There is a $50 up front fee to set you up in the system and for the use of the crock pot.

Can I use my own Crock Pot?

No, all equipment must be the same in order to ensure proper cooking times.

Do I have to be home?

No, most clients are not home during deliveries.

What if I am late for dinner, will the food be ok in the pot?

Yes, the pots have a timer and switch to the “keep warm” setting at your scheduled dinner time. The meals are waiting for you and hot when you arrive!

What days do you deliver?

Monday and Wednesday

What if I go out of town?

If proper notice is given via email I can extend your service out for missed days as long as this courtesy is not abused.

Do I have to book for an entire month at a time?


What time do you deliver?

Deliveries take place at different times each day depending on your scheduled dinner time and the length of time the dish needs to cook.